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SHED Tiny House Base Camp on Wheels integrated ‘Gear Room’ storage! (It fits everything in this picture!)

We wanted our tiny house to support our outdoor lifestyle which is a passion that can require a lot of ‘gear.’ Of our 204 total square feet, we dedicated 24 square feet to a dedicated storage space for all of these tools that we consider essential to our health and happiness. We included the video […]

The NestHouse built by Jonathan Avery of TIny House Scotland

Jonathan Avery has spent over 3o years designing and building furniture. The NestHouse prototype has three wheeled storage pods which nest into the space under the stairs perfectly.  Two of these are actual items of furniture – a bureau and a bookcase which can be used within the living space as required or placed back […]

Harmony Haven’s Built-in Couch with Turbo-Charged Storage

We love our storage staircases, but our built-in couch became somewhat of an unexpected storage feature in our tiny home. A built-in couch was always in our tiny home layout plan, but when we first connected in person with our builder and toured some of the homes they had in progress, we loved that they […]