Harmony Haven – Double Storage Staircase


We are a couple of “a certain age”, if you know what I mean. So, we were firm on not wanting to have to climb any kind of ladder to access our two lofts. Inspired by a video tour of a tiny house called the Lily Pad that had a double staircase, we convinced our at first reluctant builder to incorporate two sets of stairs for us too. And they needed to have storage.

The results can be seen in the photos. Constructed of cabinet-grade oak plywood with beetle kill pine treads, they are both functional and attractive. We added pine facings to the front for a more finished look. Two of the cubbies are being used for hanging clothes, with the others being used for a variety of storage purposes, both clothing and household items. The left-side stairs also house our washer-dryer combo and our slide-out pantry shelving.

Beneath the landing in the center are two drawers. They were originally designed as pet feeding stations, but that didn’t really work out as we had conceptualized, so we’re using them for clothing storage. We’d love to have similar closet doors and drawer fronts on all the cubbies one day, but our budget did not permit that at the time of our build (we’ve only been living here for about 5 weeks).

It should be noted that our steps are slightly higher than steps would be in a full-sized home. I am very short (under 5 feet), so it was a little challenging for me to negotiate the steps at first, but with weeks of practice with multiple trips up and down each day, I am getting in great shape! For safety, we added a cedar railing to the bedroom loft steps and a pipe railing to the office loft steps. We may also add some clear friction tape to the stair treads for further safety.

One final note… at the top of the left-side steps is a large platform that extends under the bedroom loft and above the washer-dryer. This has become what we call “the kitty loft.” Our kitty litter box sits there, as well as the kitty food bowls. We have 2 cats; the Maine Coon loves to jump from the kitchen counter up to the kitty loft!