Harmony Haven – Functional & Cozy Interior Design


Although we worked with a builder to construct our house, all of the interior design and layout of our house is our own. We designed the interior of our home to be spacious and functional. We decided early on that we wanted distinct “zones” in our house for different purposes. And we weren’t afraid to use colors and to make bold choices to distinguish the areas and also to contrast with the beautiful beetle kill pine that we used on our side walls, loft floors and ceilings.

We went for a contemporary, clean, fairly simplistic style in our interior design. We used a mix of woods (beetle kill pine, cedar, oak plywood and a small amount of salvaged barn wood) and dry walled our 2 end walls. Laminate flooring covers our main living area and our bathroom. We used natural stone in our kitchen countertop and above the shower insert in our bathroom.

We also included lots of windows and a sliding glass door for natural light. Our 13.5 foot ceilings throughout give our home a spacious, open feeling. It was important to us to have stairs to access our 2 lofts, rather than a ladder. We’d seen a video of the “Lily Pad” tiny house with 2 staircases and convinced our builder it could be done in our house too. It gives us lots of storage as well.

I was only able to upload 3 pictures here to show our interior for some reason (unless more show up when this is published), but you can watch a video tour of our home here: https://youtu.be/sZiF6yHpiDU

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