Harmony Haven – Kathi & Jim’s Amazing Tiny House


People decide to go tiny for all kinds of reasons. For us, the driving motivation was to work towards freedom from debt (and a mortgage) and also to unencumber ourselves from so much “stuff.” We wanted to create a simpler, easier life for ourselves that would free us up to play more in the outdoors that we love so much.

We also wanted to relocate from Boise, ID to our dream town of Durango, CO. Unfortunately, Durango is an expensive place to live and the cost of traditional real estate in town was way beyond our working budget. And it was important to us to live in town, where we could become part of the community.

We didn’t immediately believe we could downsize enough for a tiny home, but over a period of months, we warmed to the idea more and more, until we got to the point that we were certain a tiny home was absolutely the right choice for us… even though we’d never set foot in one!

As we conceptualized our home, we looked carefully at our needs and our desires and watched dozens of tiny house videos and TV shows. We designed a home that would be 28 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet high throughout, with a shallow peaked roof. Our floor plan would be functional but roomy, cozy but spacious. We wanted high ceilings, a great kitchen that I could cook in, a large shower, and plenty of space for Jim and me to work at home. We wanted a contemporary, colorful and organic design, but we opted for a more traditional look and feel than most of the more rustic tiny homes we were seeing, especially on the exterior.

We decided to work with Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, a builder in Durango, CO, as we had a short timeline for our transition and lacked the skills to build on our own. But we presented the builder with a well-thought out floor plan that they were able to convert to an official building plan.

We insisted on lots of storage and two staircases. We opted for fairly high-end appliances and beautiful finishes. But we did not have an unlimited budget. So, we worked side by side with our builder, providing $15,000 worth of the labor when all was said and done. And we were involved in every single design decision for the house.

So, now we look around our beautiful tiny house and know that we had a hand in literally every aspect of it, and that is so gratifying. This house is truly a reflection of who we are and what we want from life. Welcome to our beloved Harmony Haven!

Here is a video tour of our home: https://youtu.be/y9WLnZwSa68

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