Harmony Haven’s Built-in Couch with Turbo-Charged Storage


We love our storage staircases, but our built-in couch became somewhat of an unexpected storage feature in our tiny home. A built-in couch was always in our tiny home layout plan, but when we first connected in person with our builder and toured some of the homes they had in progress, we loved that they had installed sliding door storage under the couch. As our house plan developed, the builder suggested adding storage behind the back rests, while we came up with the idea of small laptop storage in the armrests. The result is tons of storage.

Our couch is constructed of cabinet-grade oak plywood, with beetle kill pine accents. We stained some of the plywood in a gunstock stain from Minwax, while the rest is just clearcoated. The backrests have 3 access doors with tons of storage capacity. Sliding doors enable us to access the storage space under the seats. There is also a trapdoor access in the corner of the couch seats. Finally, we are able to store our lapdesks, cords, mice and Chromebook laptops in the 2 armrest cubbies.

We have only begun to utilize all of this storage space!