Jared and Haley’s Tiny Home

You always hear people say, “Life is short!” You agree with them to an extent, but that phrase never sunk in for us until my mom passed away last October. After the whirlwind of all things that precede the death of a loved one, we realized we needed to start doing things that we loved…NOW. That’s when we decided to act on Jared’s long time dream of building a tiny home and moving to the mountains.

Our planning and design phase started at the beginning of November 2015. Jared designed the entire house by himself using the free version of Google Sketch Up. By February we were ready to build! Jared and I built the house with our own two hands on the weekends and after work during the week. It took us about six months to build and we were ready to move to our first spot by August!

Our house is built on a twenty-foot trailer and weighs about 9,500 pounds. We are completely off grid capable, although we do like having a water source! Our first parking spot was in the mountains of Virginia in a friends yard, and now we are headed down to Tennessee for the winter! I think our overall goal for living in a tiny house is to be able to enjoy the outdoors, follow mild weather, and rock climb in really nice places.


If you want to see more pictures of our house and our adventures check out our website: Tinymountainrhodes.com

For a video tour of the house click here: https://youtu.be/8az_VcHta-U


We love our tiny and hope you do too!

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