Maximus Extreme’s Steampunk Tiny Kitchen

Maximus Extreme Living Solution’s tiny “Steampunk Kitchen” is an eclectic blend of modern amenities and turn of the century steampunk influences. The cabinetry is custom made from “wormy maple” with concrete counter-tops! If you look closely you can see that the metal shavings from the exterior cold rolled steel have been embedded into the concrete along with other scraps of metal shards. The back-splash is also cold rolled steel to give a very industrial edge to the design. The kitchen has some funky steampunk lighting fixtures that are highlighted by Edison bulbs. The kitchen is a galley style kitchen that is centered in the middle third of the home and exceeds 9 feet in length. It has a full sized double sink, a built in space for an all-in-one washer/dryer combo and 2015-02-06 11.47.54.jpg2015-03-04 11.58.02.jpg2015-03-04 11.55.17.jpg2015-03-04 12.03.06.jpg2015-02-06 18.20.32.jpga very colorful flooring application.

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