Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House

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Since my daughter was very young, my plan has always been to live lighter so as to not have to work as much and as hard as I got older. To work in Corporate America on my own terms. I wanted a lifestyle that would allow me to travel and enjoy life more, to focus on the things that really matter, to be free(er) and less obligated so that should I happen to decide I want to relocate it takes less effort and is less expensive.

I started the downsizing process in 2006 and over the course of 10 years went from a 4bd/3bath home to a 1bd/1bath apt. My initial dream was RV living, the cost of which I realized based on my tastes, wouldn’t afford me the free(er), lighter lifestyle I was dreaming of. When I stumbled on Macy Miller’s tiny house and her build story it just clicked for me that a tiny house was the next step in my journey. To be able to take my house with me when I want to relocate; eliminating most of the relocation costs and headaches associated with relocation. Even if I didn’t travel with my tiny home, a lifestyle that would afford me the opportunity to live and know freedom.

I spent a year and a half researching everything related to tiny houses, understanding and paying attention to my use of space in my apartment and planning all of the details for my tiny house. My tiny house had to be something that represented me and my lifestyle, with lots of light and windows, it had to include everything on my list of the must haves that I deemed important – and hopefully some of the wish list items. I didn’t want to feel like I was giving up anything. My tiny house had to be something that would make me happy and without a doubt and in my best James Brown voice –it had to be funky!

We (me & my Design Dream Team) nailed it!


43 thoughts on “Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House

  1. Laura Baxter says:

    I’ve always loved this house! It has such a lovely air of class, style, and comfy. You can see yourself living in this one because it feels like “home” and is filled with light from the gorgeous French doors, and all the windows. Plus, you can’t beat a walk in closet! I’ve only seen one other in any tiny house build, and I would pick this walk in for functionality and color scheme. This is definitely the one I look to when I think of what I would want in my tiny house. It’s been so well thought out…even including a Juliette balcony and a screened in porch. My dog would love those extra spaces on nights I’m looking at the stars, or just reading a book with a need for a cooling breeze.

  2. ~CDA says:

    Absolutely beautiful. The best plan and design I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing my research and homework too. I look forward to ownership one day.

  3. Nova says:

    I love her house. She has inspired me to go tiny. Her home is the best one i have seen yet. Her home proves that just because you go tiny doesn’t mean you have to give up important things that mean the most to you. This house has everything from a full closet to nice bathroom, great bedroom size so you do not feel cramped to an outside patio. I love love love her house.

  4. Sagg says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of touring this Tiny House Jewel. The Best design I’ve seen, very spacious layout, and no shortage of amenities. All you would need in a home. A truly remarkable Tiny House. Love it.

  5. Lena Boxton says:

    Before seeing your tiny house on HGTV my partner and I were somewhat sceptical that we could live in a tiny house. Seeing how you used the small space to the ultimate – closet, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, sitting area and a balcony, and not to mention the design and use of colors, we were convinced. I do hope your house wins!


  6. Alicia Awdeh says:

    I share the same dream, Jewel, of having my own little space of comfort but one that allows me to be spontaneous and mobile to enjoy all that this world has to offer. Secondly, I have always had a “bone of contention” for wasted space in a home and continuously seek to find ways to organize space for maximum efficiency.

    Knowing you and your attention to detail – I wouldn’t have expected anything less than this spectacular home. You have truly proven that small does not have to compromise style, function or comfort. I absolutely love the modern clean lines infused with various textures and classic cultural design accents.

    I do have a question btw! How do you access your reading nook? And I would love to see how you accounted for storage space and your closet!!!

    Good luck my friend – this house deserves the win!!

    Alicia Awdeh

  7. Jennifer says:

    This is by far one of my favorite layouts and designs of any tiny house I’ve seen. Very, very well done! It’s stunning.

  8. Michel says:

    Absolutely love Your Tiny House Jewel. I have been researching for only 6 months and collecting the things that I like about every TH I have reviewed or visited. Having viewed the HGTV segment about your build and your FB page – I have to say that your house is the one closest to the style that I love and wish to emulate. From the personal styling to the wonderful closet, porch and balcony. I hope you win hands down. Even if you don’t – you have already won because you are “living the life” and given a vision to those of us who needed it. You have given me a target to shoot for!

  9. Beverly Wagner says:

    I truly hope your entry wins!!! I love your home and my goals are to own one just like it! Love it’s access to views of the sun, moon and stars! I could go on and on about both the kitchen and bath! And to top it all off you’ve added a beautiful touch to the front lawn! Love everything about this one.

  10. Patricia Nash says:

    This was the first TH I ever saw. It was because of her that I started following Tiny Homes! i followed her build and was amazed by how much she got into such a small space. Not only that, but her TH has more style and luxury than most full size houses. I definitely think she should win Tiny House of the Year!!!

  11. Duchess says:

    I really am wow’d with this jewel, your gypsy soul shines. It has my vote for the most awesomeness “TH” 2016. I am an artist that reverse paints on glass, and want to include some art in my TH design, would greatly appreciate your prospective on doing that.

  12. Dee Sova says:

    You know this is my favorite tiny house ever! Such a clever use of space. And down to the finite details, your design is a work of art. I hope you win this award because you earned it👏

  13. Tracey Brooks says:

    Well deserved! Jewel and her home are such an inspiration! I love the home and the passion that went into it!

  14. Gail says:

    I responded on your FB page and I wanted to cover this site as well. I hope you win! The design and color scheme is perfect. All the rooms seem to have more than enough space and has perfect flow throughout. I don’t think I’ve seen one even close to this regarding all the comforts one wants in a home. It’s amazingly styled, your decorations are beautiful. I love the red throughout, certainly makes a statement! Full bathroom, washer dryer combo, screened porch, balcony, Light and airy. Amazing.

  15. Brendolyn says:

    I absolutely love love love your TH. I first saw it on HGTV while trying to convince my daughter that TH living is in my future. Your use of color and the space was amazing to me and has started me to researching and planning for my own TH. Thank you for sharing your TH with all of us and for the inspiration to be bold!

  16. Becky says:

    Hi Jewel, Of all the HGTV Tiny Homes (and I’ve seen them all!), yours is still my VERY favorite one! It is so beautiful and I love everything about it. I would like to have a tiny home like this someday. I am not surprised it is the 1st entry in this contest. Good luck, I can’t imagine a tiny house better than yours!

  17. Deb Herr says:

    Bravo, if I recall correctly, this was documented being built, on TV.
    Your design, attention to detail and budget, definitely sets this home worlds apart from other TH.
    You surely deserve to win!

  18. Jennifer Yan says:

    Voted for you through Jen Knife ‘s post. I love the fact that you said going tiny doesn’t mean that you have to give up luxury. Would you be willing to share more with me? I want to move towards this direction. My husband is a military pilot so we relocate every few years. Thanks!

  19. J L Hunt says:

    Jewel… When does the contest end? Hope I got my vote in on time. Where are you nowadays? If you’re in NC next spring I’ll msg you for a tour when I visit my granddaughter who is near Charlotte. 😊

  20. Teddrisa says:

    Yes ma’am! Your tiny house is afrocentric inspiration! The light and windows made it feel incredibly large! In this case less equals so much more!Love it!

  21. Tyrone Sweeney says:

    I loved the episode that featured your tiny home. Your tiny home provided many big ideas for small spaces especially the walk-in closet, the screened in porch, the tub and the floating stairs. It is also one of the most colorful homes I’ve seen so far. But the biggest thing it did for me was motivate me to start planning my tiny existence.

  22. Grace Love says:

    Love, love, love your Tiny house. You and your design team really made this a home!!!!! My absolute fav!!!! Ya’ll did that!!!!

  23. J. W. Bridges says:

    Ms. Gypsy Soul TH is sharp and stylish and functional. It was also encouraging to see a person of color go thru the design and building process with such thought and purpose.

  24. Mary says:

    My only problem is stairs ands no real bed. just mattress on floor. Neither of which work very well with arthritiss, but it is beautiful.

  25. J Stringer says:

    Congratulations Monique on a well deserved win against formidable designs and craftsmanship across the globe. Yours is a gem, and many of your ideas will be showing up in other homes in the coming years. We salute you! J

    • J Stringer says:

      My sincere apologies on the instant name change. I caught it too late to edit it out, but our tributes are still well deserved!

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