Retractable bed and lounge suite

This custom designed and purpose built remote controlled retractable bed was a collaboration between The Tiny House Company and designer/fabricator Nathan Nostaw. Nathan was given the challenge of fitting in with the aesthetic of the rest of the tiny house while keeping the bed robust, smooth operating, and without sacrificing storage space on the end wall…not an easy task!

Bed Modes.jpg

This solution combines two spaces (bedroom and lounge/living room) into one and removes the need to climb up into small loft spaces. Here in Queensland it gets a little too hot for high lofts. Our retractable bed has 3m of headroom by night and floats over a 2.4m lounge space by day. Controlled wirelessly by remote, this bed needs no folding, no packing away…you don’t even have to make the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Bed and Storage.jpg

The bed and lounge seating work in unison. As the bed lowers onto the cushions it slips past the backrest which becomes a padded headboard when fully lowered. Cushions, pictures and wall-mounted screens can all remain in place. All that’s required is the push of a button.

Bed Underneath.jpg

The lounge/bed area is full of hidden storage – there’s 600mm deep storage running the full height of the end wall and each of the four couch units is a freestanding storage unit with hinged lid that can be arranged in several ways.

lounge modes.jpg

The custom made retractable bed and lounge unit is designed to all fit together aesthetically. With the same finishes as the surrounding room, the goal was for the bed to read more as a ceiling than a floating bed when in ‘day mode’.

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