SHEDsistence Angled Entry (with reclaimed walnut & folded stairs!)

We have a secret. Our angled entry door was never supposed to be this way! The original plan to install our entrance into the flat side wall was the most practical and easiest constructed option, but it lacked the definition that every main entry deserves. A last minute stroke of inspiration led to a build site sketch on a piece of construction debris and we discussed how to ‘subtly push the door into the space’ just enough to add emphasis on the outside and better align the user to the space upon entry. We harnessed one of the perks of d.i.y. design and construction and made the change on the fly, correcting the already framed opening to better suit our vision. The result is one of our favorite parts of our tiny house!

The angled alcove provides visual relief on the long façade of salvaged corrugated metal siding (from a local barn) and denotes the moment of entry. This also became the perfect opportunity to get creative with a second siding choice that could really make this moment pop and we used reclaimed walnut wood that was [re]milled into ½” thick boards with a ship-lap edge profile. They are installed with a 1/8” horizontal reveal between each board and affixed to the wall using square drive stainless steel screws installed on a carefully measured grid. Our door is a 32” wide full lite door with retractable blinds in-between the layers of glass allowing our entry to double as a large window as well as a door, with the ability to ensure privacy when needed.

To complete the entry we wanted the stairs to look and feel like they belonged with SHED, as part of the design and not an after thought. We knew we would be using these stairs every single day and wanted a unique and sturdy feature piece that was on par with the beautiful walnut entry. It was easy for us to draw a simple line that represented the thin side profile of 3 steps but we had to ask a talented friend of ours to make that line become a reality…in steel. We had our stairs literally folded out of a single plate of 1/4” thick steel and then blackened. The top tread of the stairs rests on the little wedge step and are lifted off and placed in the bed of the truck when we are ready to move.

The amount of work and attention to detail that this small sub-project took was far beyond our expectations but as the dark walnut sawdust settled we were left with a gratifying deliverable that we are excited to come home to each and every day!

Robert+Samantha 🙂


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