SHEDsistence D.I.Y. modern plywood storage stairs!

During the design phase, we envisioned our stairs as a single continuous line, zig-zaging its way up to the loft. To emphasize this notion we embraced the edge condition of birch plywood, where 45 miter joints allow not only the surfaces but the ply striations to remain continuous from bottom to top. The stairs are 22 inches wide with 12″ treads and 12″ risers with the exception of the bottom stair which is angled to align perpendicularly with the angled entry wall and the top stair is taller than the rest to facilitate easier entry into the loft. We embedded steel flat bar into the leading edge of each tread to protect the corner from wear and tear.

Of course constructing the stairs was only half of the project, as we wanted to make sure that all of that space underneath them was utilized well so it can store all of our clothes. Because of the unique dimensions of the storage doors we decided to make our own and went to work cutting up and painting a sheet of MDF before hanging the doors in place and installing handle hardware that matches our kitchen hardware. We also incorporated kitchen storage into the backside of the stairs to make them functional and efficient in multiple capacities for multiple spaces.

Robert+Samantha 🙂


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