SHEDsistence Tiny House D.I.Y. reclaimed walnut and corrugated metal siding!

Our tiny house siding is 100% salvaged material including the reclaimed walnut around the entry that we had professionally re-milled into a 1/2″ thick shiplap profile. After finding a pile of 2’x12’ panels of salvaged corrugated metal that had recently been torn off of a local barn roof after developing a beautiful matte grey patina (see video at the bottom of this entry) we immediately knew we wanted to use it for our tiny house siding because of the many benefits it provided, including:

Durability and zero maintenance:

Corrugated metal will stand up to the sun, wind, rain and even road debris with-out the need for initial prep or follow up maintenance such as staining or painting.

Integrated rain screen system:

At 1/2” thick, the corrugate metal is thinner and lighter than many siding options like the popular 3/4” tongue and groove boards. Most important are the inherent airspace and drainage paths created by the vertically oriented corrugations that eliminate the need for fur­ring strips which reduces the thickness of the wall assembly and allows for added inches of interior space. This air space allows water to drain out of and air to ventilate the air space behind the corrugated siding.

Ease of Insulation:

It takes a lot more fasteners and time to attach many individual pieces of siding than it does to install the large 2’x12’ panels of metal which totaled 22 pieces.


It is non-combustible. This offers peace of mind to those of us who live in the Western United States where forest fires are a constant and devastating threat. An ember can travel up to a mile from its source and has the potential to ignite whatever it lands on during the long dry summers of the Yakima Valley. Not only does SHED have a non-combustible metal under carriage, siding and roof to protect against the threat of fire if we are not home, it is on wheels and can be transported to safety if we are home.

We installed 1” of continuous rigid foam insulation between the siding and the sheathing/structure to eliminate all thermal bridging between the two. The result is the no-maintenance, durable, non-combustible rain screen clad, modern ag.-industrial aes­thetic of this beautiful reclaimed material that is steeped in Yakima Valley history. A material symbolic of our valleys sun, sweat and labor and offers an incredible way to tie our project to the agricultural industry that this region was built on.

As a bonus, we had 20 square feet of left over reclaimed walnut (used around our entry door) and we found some fun ways to incorporate it throughout the interior of our home as well (as seen in the following photos!).


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  1. Bernie B. says:

    Great work. Does it hold up well under severe cold conditions? That’s something that concerns me living up here in the great white north

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