SHEDsistence Tiny House D.I.Y. Modern Galley Style Kitchen!

We combined our minimalist vision and love of cooking to create a streamline tiny house kitchen that is big on function and allows the experience of cooking take center stage. We have 100% cabinet and drawer storage below our custom 1” thick birch plywood counter tops, one of which waterfalls over the exposed end of our peninsula counter and the other wraps to the ceiling to provide separation between the sink area and refrigerator compartment. A 24 inch wide stainless steel sink and 20 inch wide propane oven and stove top (with exhaust hood) allows us to cook and bake with out limits. There is also storage above our 7.4 cubic foot fridge (Every chef needs a kitchen aid!) and opposite of it on the backside of the stairs where ample rooms allow all of the pots, pans, dishware and other necessities to be stored.

An operable window on each end of the galley as well as one behind the sink ensures natural light, ventilation and view at all times while in the kitchen. For illumination we experimented with LED tape lighting using three different applications. Over the sink, we hide the tape lighting in between our tandem loft beams to provide concealed down lighting. Over the galley we used some left over steel angles to create dimmable indirect up-lighting that illuminates the whole kitchen evenly while eliminating shadows. Lastly we used the same steel angle combined with sanded plexi-glass to create dimmable diffused down lighting over the peninsular counter which acts as the ultimate multi-use surface including, dinner prep, meal consumption, work desk and communal social surface while entertaining.

Robert+Samantha 🙂


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e-book: Built With Our Hands: A d.i.y. tiny house memoir

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