SHEDsistence Tiny House Modern Bathroom!

At 30 sf our bathroom feels more spacious than its dimensions suggest. A pocket door stores itself inside the wall when not needed yet is at the ready to provide privacy as well as light through its frosted glass, acting as a second window into the bathroom. We installed a clear glass shower door to avoid plastic curtains and allow the entire bathroom space to be experienced at all times regardless if you are inside or outside of the shower. A porcelain tile shampoo alcove above allows the shower unit to remain free of clutter. It was important to emphasis the center portion of the bathroom and create something that was beautiful enough to want to leave the bathroom door open when not in use. We did this by incorporated reclaimed walnut that was left over from our front entry siding from the floor all the way onto the ceiling, broken only by the dark IKEA vanity, sink and medicine cabinet complete with in-mirror LED lights. The last third of the bathroom is home to our Separett composting toilet and modular open face shelving, that are constructed in the same manner as our stairs and counter tops.

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