Sub-tropical Australian Tiny House

We are two architectural graduates and a builder from Australia who have designed and built a tiny house on wheels for a sub-tropical climate. It features a modular demountable deck, remote controlled retractable bed built into full height storage, a generous bathroom, recycled hardwood and a modern aesthetic throughout. Lara and Andrew, the two designers, now live in the house with their newborn daughter Charlie. We’re very happy with how the house is performing in our sub-tropical climate thanks to generous cross- and -stack-ventilation.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the design principles and strategies can have a look on our website. One particular strategy to note is the consistent grid of portal frames and deck structure around which the cabinets and windows are all based.

Some useful links:

A video tour of the house –

A video of our retractable bed in action –

A time lapse video of the construction -

01 - Internal View 1.jpg

02 - Internal View 2.jpg

03 - Deck 1.jpg04 - Windows 1.jpg07 - Loft.jpg

05 - Entry View.jpg06 - Long View.jpg08 - Bed Up.jpg09 - Bed Down.jpg10 - Bathroom.jpg11 - Cross Ventilation.jpg12 - Open Shelves.jpg13 - Study Mode.jpg16 - Deck.jpg17 - Woodford 1.jpg18 - Woodford 2.jpg19 - Laundry.jpg

7 thoughts on “Sub-tropical Australian Tiny House

  1. Mal Valmadre says:

    I love this house. Maybe it is tiny but the huge design features in every part of it make it roomy and charming to be in. It is a logical response to rising house and land prices and represents a way for people to get some ownership and control over their housing without taking on too much debt. Tiny house – Big heart!

  2. Jeanette says:

    All I see is a lot of plants mixed with clutter on shelves & a steep stairway with nothing to stop you falling over the side accidentally. Not for me but lovely to look at.

  3. Wynne says:

    This one gets my vote hands-down. There are lots of lovely ones in here, but this one really gets the sense of making tiny feel big with all the views to the outdoors, brightly lit spaces, tucking the bed up for the night (wonder if it can be manually lifted), and connecting to a fantastic outdoor space. I’d feel both at home and on vacation in this space–can’t ask for much more than that! Only thing I don’t see is much storage space for clothing, other needed items, but maybe that just wasn’t shown. Could the wall behind the bed have been cabinets? Entirely lovely! I’m ready to move to Oz and live in this!

    • Lisa Reeve says:

      @Wynne – the wall behind the bed IS cabinets. It’s floor to ceiling wardrobe space. The bed moves up out of the way and the couch modules can be easily moved to provide more access if needed.

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