Sub-tropical tiny house with modular deck

Our tiny house is designed and built specifically for a sub-tropical climate and is located in Brisbane, Australia. Here we have a beautiful climate most of the year round and considered it essential to make the most of it with a decent outdoor deck space that was also transportable. The solution was a modular deck and deck roof that bolts to the house and also sits on adjustable legs. It can be set up or dismantled in 2 hours.

This deck is the basis for most of the tiny house’s external aesthetic. Recycled hardwoods have been featured on the deck and main entry doors and windows – they were once old joists and bearers that have been salvaged from old Australian cottages and repurposed.

External Cropped.jpg17 - Woodford 1.jpg

This GIF shows more angles of the outside of the house –

03 - Deck 1.jpg05 - Entry View.jpgDeck details.jpg

One thought on “Sub-tropical tiny house with modular deck

  1. Gabriella says:

    It reminds me of the best architectural, “Rationalism” years 40/60′ for example (Walter Gropius), when a few points, which made the idea of an architecture cultured and effect like this porch, patio, or covered terrace adjoining inside which in tum shows all its punty of line with large window opposed to the porch on the kitchen wall. Perfect Essential Trilogy: The Man, the House, and the Outside!

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