Tave’s Tiny House

I am a 38-year-old woman from Maine. My tiny house took 9 months and just under $20k to build. I did the majority of the work myself with help from my dad on his days off. My mom did a lot of the painting and helped out when I needed an extra hand. I also hired an electrician. It is built on a 24′ utility trailer and parked on a cement slab in my parent’s backyard. I am connected to their well and septic but have my own electrical service. I insulated with 3″ rigid foam in the walls and 4 inches in the floor and ceiling. I heat and cool with a ductless mini-split unit and have a 20-gallon electric water heater. I have an in-wall ERV ventilation unit, as well as a bathroom fan and range fan. The house does have a small storage loft above the closet and washer and dryer but there is no sleeping loft. I have sleep disorders and need easy access to my bed, so I kept the floorplan open. I decided to build a tiny house on a trailer because I’m single and work from home and haven’t really decided where to settle down yet. Though I don’t foresee moving anytime soon, I really don’t know what the future will bring and I like the idea that my home/investment can move with me.

I have been living in my house for about 6 months and have never been happier. My house is designed by me, for me, and I have a place for everything. I am an avid crafter and needed space for my fabric and supplies. I was even able to keep my oversized ironing board. I made a sewing machine storage cabinet with a drop-leaf front, which can also serve as a kitchen table. My countertop is stainless steel with a drop-leaf butcher block bar. I have two counter stools that fold flat and store in my headboard cabinet. I frankensteined a couple of swing-arm monitor mounts into a computer workstation which can be adjusted to sit or stand at. I have drawers built in under my bed for my clothes, with cubbies on either end for other storage. My mattress lifts up and I store seasonal clothes and bedding under it, behind the drawers and cubbies. A narrow cabinet runs the full length of my headboard and I have shelves on top of that to the ceiling. Having a full-size washer AND dryer was important to me and that was one of the biggest challenges but we made it work.

There were quite a few rough days during the build where I lamented ever starting the project but now, every day I wake up, look around, and just feel blessed.





16 thoughts on “Tave’s Tiny House

  1. J Stringer says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and ideas. It is beautifully conceived and well crafted. I love it. J

  2. Diania says:

    Great job. I think it’s inspiring and I love that you incorporated a full size washer/ dryer and a craft space too!
    You should really be proud of your tiny house.

  3. Loretta Houston says:

    Lovely Little house wish I could convince my partner to buy us one love to live in one,he believes we couldn’t find a place to put if u were making any going into business making 20,000 Little house’s i definitely buy one of urs gd on you Loretta Houston

  4. Michelle Kershner-Kohar says:

    Awesome job Tave! Very creative work. I have enjoyed watching the progress of the build online and now the final works.

  5. Karen says:

    Tavia…your ‘little’ house is huge on character and ingenuity! I love all of it. Great job planning for everything you want/need, and not just planning, but making it all happen! I especially like your crafting center and your house #!

  6. Cyndi ann says:

    I want plans for this home, I am 78 yrs and this is perfect. your use of space is great and you have all the conveniences for bath, sleeping on main level and even w/d. Just perfect for me. Shelving that I need for books of study. Where would I get the info. if you would? 🙂

  7. Karen G Cundiff says:

    Beautiful home. You are strong, brave and determined and now you have your home.

    1. How did you decide to choose Samsung washer and dryer. I am struggling with this decision. We have been without a washer and dryer since 2008 and when we build our tiny home we were thinking of all-in-one but maybe you have swayed me the other way. Does it pull on your electricity a great deal, make it higher? I definitely want a washer and dryer soon. 2. The foundation on your home makes it look permanent, which I like and need as well. What is it made of? Did you think of covering the hitch as well? We will need to cover the hitch. 3. Did you remove the tires from the trailer? We are going to have to do that in order to put it on the land we are going to buy. -Karen Cundiff

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