The Harmony Haven Modern Kitchen


I (Kathi) am a foodie… I love to cook and I wasn’t going to move into a tiny house without a functional kitchen. None of that rustic, off the grid, makeshift kitchen design for me! I wanted as much counter space as possible for prepping and I wanted modern, full-sized appliances. Plenty of storage space was also a must. And Jim wanted a dishwasher. So, we spent a lot of our budget on our kitchen, but it was worth it.

One area we saved in was in buying off-the-shelf basic white kitchen cabinets from Home Depot. We love them though, especially with the upgrade of oil-rubbed bronze drawer pulls and handles. We topped them with beautiful natural stone 12-inch tiles in Rainforest Green, with a grayish-brown grout and edged in red oak. We went with open barnwood shelving, rather than upper cabinets. And I hung my coveted multicolored pendant lights above the counter. Track lighting at the end of the kitchen provides additional brightness while working.

Other additions are a hanging, 3-tiered basket to hold fruits and vegetables, hooks for all of my pots and saute pans, an Ikea rod and hook system for many of my most used utensils and a magnetic knife bar to hold my knives, kitchen shears and hand grater. For my spices, I glued stainless steel strips to the underside of my shelving and used magnetic spice cans. I use a lot of spices, so additional cans are attached to the range hood. We also installed hooks under our shelving to hang our mug collection. Most people in tiny homes only have a few mugs, but our mugs are our souvenirs from our travels and mean a lot to us.

We have a 24-inch, 4-burner gas range with electric oven, a 10.3 cu ft LG refrigerator and a 17-inch dishwasher, all in combinations of stainless steel and black enamel. We also have a washer-dryer combo next to our fridge that fits under our stairs to the bedroom loft. One of our favorite aspects of the kitchen is our two pantries. One is a little mason jar pantry nestled in between studs on our bathroom wall. The other is a 9-inch wide slide out pantry between the fridge and washer-dryer. It’s wide enough to hold cereal boxes and most of our food!

The result is a truly functional kitchen that I can work in easily and create the culinary masterpieces I enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Harmony Haven Modern Kitchen

  1. Bernie B. says:

    Not sure why you don’t have more votes, it’s an excellent kitchen. The only thing I don’t like is the magnetic bar holding your knives is behind the stove. If I need a knife, it’s not a good idea having to reach across a hot stove to get one. Magnetic spice jars on the inside of your range hood will collect a ton of oil build-up. Nit picking aside, it really looks great.

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