Tiny house Odyssée by Baluchon

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The name “Odyssée”, is coming from the adventure Alexandre and Sabrina (the owners) wanted to live in a tiny house. They’ve contacted us because they were in search of a house that could fit their needs (and their dog named Ryuk !). She, as a jewellery’s seller and he, as a fireman are currently heading to more simple lifestyle and they quickly decided that a tiny house on wheels would be perfect way to live they happy life.

We, as French tiny house builders, have been in charge of all the design and conception process of this 100% custom made little house on wheels. Every square meter of this house has been studied with the lovely owners so they could live in the house they were dreaming about. This is why everything in the house like the design, the colors, the woods and of course the half-level which makes it very unique, have been created according the clients needs list. This tiny house is 6 meters long house with a red cedar siding / burnt douglas siding (Yakisugi technic) and metal roof. Of course more than 98% of this tiny house is recyclable and most of the material we used are organicallysourced.

To keep Alexandre’s body fitted to firemen’s expectations we have also added a custom tow bar so he won’t have any excuse not to train. For her, we’ve created a lovely space to install a cherry upright piano so she could play this instrument while looking out through the triangle window. Since they are vegeterians, their wish not to have a fridge has also been fulfilled. Just under the cooking surface a little sandbox is going to keep their vegetable cool and will keep them eatable longer. Of course, this system doesn’t require any electricity to fonction nor chimical materials or gaz to be built, just natural wood and sand. Since we are in France, most of us like to keep a couple of good wine bottles in their house. This is why the presence of natural clay wine rack will help them to keep the wine longer and cool.

Inside the house there are everything they need, a bathroom, dry toilet, a large sink, an extra room under the livingroom and of course, a large bed in the loft. We hope Alexandre and Sabrina will have a happy life in this chimical free tiny house.

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