Tiny Kitchen in Blue

Hello, I am Gabriella Farella,I was born in Taranto (Italy) but Ilive in Palestro (Pavia). I deal with art at 360°. I started many years ago, a stage actress and then as a dancer “Modern Jazz” exibiting me with impromptu performances in clubs. Following his passion for the visual arts leads me to Milano where I obtained the Laurea at the Academy of Brera.
What I am about to present I bought a penthouse of which 45 square meters of housing in
“Tufo” (typical material Southern Italy, limestone fossilized silica), with an adjoining terrace of 55 sqm. I could not give up this challenge, imagining to exploit the terrace to build a mini detached house self-sufficient with toilet, kitchen, utility room and multifunction area. So according to the bulding laws, I began to develop an idea that leaving the bulding to the center and free on there sides of the terrace and its vegetation surrounds the structure as if it were a small villa. The bulding is only supported on the floor of the terrace, but well connected to the walls of the existing manor house (cemented),legacy both from the frame in the base of the bulding iron, from the top frame that is covering everything bolted and riveted with iron beams which then combine perpendicular to the horizontal axis.
P.s. for more photo, please visit my web site (unsupported). www.garyfarell.com Thank You
By Gabriella Farella