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Hello Everyone,

My name is Todd, and I decided to build a tiny home from a shipping container. I like the idea of tiny houses but didn’t like any that I have seen. I felt that most tiny homes are built to be lightweight and expect you to sleep in weird confined shelves. I designed this 240 sq. ft unit to be unequaled in strength , and being claustrophobic myself, to feel as comfortable as possible. I put in a full bathroom and full bedroom with 9′ ceilings. I wanted to incorporate energy savings by insulating this to an r-value of 30. All of the appliances are high efficiency and use low energy. The deck also serves as a rain water collection system. The water in the house is hooked up to a gray water system. A mini-split system is installed for heating and air conditioning. Overall,  I wanted to use only quality materials throughout this build. I hope you enjoy.

Check out this video BoxHaus_10_2016-94.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-73.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-8.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-7.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-3.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-58.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-26.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-33.jpgBoxHaus_10_2016-40.jpg

38 thoughts on “Todd’s Boxed Haus

  1. Caroline says:

    Wow, this tiny house is amazing and modern. You transformed a cold shipping container into a beautiful cozy home. It looks way bigger than 240 s.f! Well done, Todd!

  2. Urszula Gawin says:

    Briiliant! It’s functional and I bet it is very affordable. Such home could help solve housing issues for many who can’t afford a home. I applaud you!

  3. Kristopher Holyoak says:

    I’ve witnessed the transformation of this tiny home from beginning to end and it still amazes me the unique quality and feel this tiny home has!

  4. Sue OKane says:

    One word…WOW! Kitchen with appliances and cabinets uses every square inch. And is that marble in the bathroom? Awesome, marvelous job!

  5. Henry says:

    This is amazing. This is nothing like those lightweight wood tiny homes that are falling apart on people after 5 years. This looks built to last.!!!!!!
    Full bedroom!
    Best tiny home yet!!!

  6. Eddie says:

    I am impressed! This looks like a perfect tiny home build. I have worked with containers and know of how hard they are to work with. This container nails it! There is no other tiny on here that compares, good luck, I hope you win.

  7. Andreas Heiberg says:

    The level of detail put into this is sick! The build quality is impressive and it’s very intriguing that it’s foundation is a container compared to more traditional wooden tiny houses. This should basically be indestructible 🙂

    It’s cool that you used the bay doors to open the entire house up. Having a 1st floor terrace as well as a built in speaker system is just the icing on the grown.

    Hope you win man!

  8. Lexi Rodgers says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful home. The creativity and innovation put into this Tiny Home is phenomenal. Taking something plain and empty and turning it into a bright, inviting home is a true talent and Todd nailed it! This Tiny House definitely sets itself apart from the other entries because of the architecture, design and interior. It’s modern and exceptionally built–a place anyone would be lucky to call home!

  9. Bob Gail says:

    Perfect self sustaining home for the property I just bought in Wisconsin. I will contact you shortly to go over plans to start building. Looking forward to working with you Todd. Great job!!!

  10. Shannon says:

    AMAZING!! Hope you make many more because this is highly sought after. Everything looks so perfeclty designed…GREAT JOB!!

  11. Lauren says:

    This house looks amazing! I love that it feels like individual rooms and isn’t one combined space where your bedroom is also supposed to be your kitchen and bathroom.

    Even more incredible is the quality of design. I LOVE that they really considered how to make this home efficient and durable, but they didn’t lose the aspect of portability! All around seems like some really great minds put a lot of thought into this incredible tiny home

  12. Karin says:

    I got to tour this house in October, before the upper level was finished, and it was impressive then. Nice to see the final touches you put in upstairs and on the deck.

  13. Astrid Bidanec says:

    I absolutely LOVE it!!! Would buy it in a heartbeat, but need to wait until my son finishes high school.

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