Trophy Prototype – Tiny House of the Year 2016

We’ve extended the deadline to enter the inaugural Tiny House of the Year Competition to November 15, 2015 – and clarified in the Official Rules that it is perfectly fine for professional Tiny House Builders to enter the competition too.

Pictured here is the prototype of the Tiny House of the Year Trophy. The color may change, but the size will not. It’s tiny because nobody who lives in a tiny house wants a giant trophy – and it’s cute!

It’s a 3D printed trophy designed by tiny house designer Michael Janzen. The final trophies will also read ‘2016’ and include the category for which the trophy was won.

If you have a tiny house ENTER NOW!

It’s super easy to enter and just takes a couple minutes. Entries will be voted on by the public and on December 16 winners will be selected.

It’s like winning an Oscar or Emmy… just for an awesome tiny house!

What do you think of the tiny trophy? Please comment below.

tiny-house-of-the-year-trophy-prototype-4 tiny-house-of-the-year-trophy-prototype-5 tiny-house-of-the-year-trophy-prototype-6 tiny-house-of-the-year-trophy-prototype-2

One thought on “Trophy Prototype – Tiny House of the Year 2016

  1. J Stringer says:

    This was an excellent array of homes. Thank you, Contributors, for sharing your designs, your thoughts, and your intimate spaces.

    I could not decide! More important, I found that I could not decide what criteria were most important in making a choice. In my own quest, I have pursued the clever use of space, an “eastern” simplicity, and an openness that would allow for my plants and my own tranquility in solitude.
    I found there are few standouts that incorporate all, but I do think one of these did satisfy my need for own sense of perfection.
    Let us see if it appeals to the other readers as well. J

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